Bulletproof Web Design Contracts

Thursday, January 20, 2011 Posted by John Tabita
I just discovered that an article I wrote for SitePoint in 2005 is mentioned in the book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating a Web Page & Blog:

Bulletproof Web Design Contracts (www.sitepoint.com/article/bulletproof-web-design-contract) is an outstanding article by John Tabita, chock-full of smart and useful advice about creating contracts for site design jobs. (p 282)

Not to toot my own horn (well, maybe just a little), here are some of the reader comments on the article:

This is THE best, most comprehensive article I've read on SitePoint...

Thanks for such a stunning article!

This is a great article. Very well done.

Excellent article — very useful, thanks!

An insightful and informative read, John. You da man.
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