About Me

When I was six, my dad and his brother went into business together. And I don’t mean they paid $60 to become Amway distributors. I’m talking the take out a second mortgage to rent a building and send your wife back to work type of business.

Although they we’re successful overall and eventually had more than 20 employees, we always seemed to struggle. Seeing this, I vowed never to go into business for myself.

Anyway, that didn’t really work out, because later I decided to start a web development business of my own, with two partners. Over the years, I’ve met a lot of small business owners like my dad and uncle who have risked everything to build a dream, yet struggle with growing that business to its fullest potential.

One of the areas I’ve seen small business owners fall on their face is marketing and advertising. That’s understandable, since most of them decided to start a business because they had a technical skill that they thought was marketable. And marketing is usually not one of those skills.

Author, speaker Guy Kawasaki, owner of venture capitalist firm Garage Technology Ventures, gives this advice to budding entrepreneurs: Before you can make money, you have to make meaning. He says there are three ways make meaning:

Increase the Quality of Life

My dad went into business to increase the quality of his family’s life. (And he did.) My desire is to help small business owners to the same, by helping them successfully market their business.

Right a Wrong

As I write this, our economy struggles to pull itself out of a recession and many business won’t make it. I think that’s wrong – plain and simple. My desire is to help right that wrong, whenever I can.

Prevent the End of Something Good

When I meet men and women like my dad who have risked all to start a business, I cannot help but hold them in the highest respect. When I see them struggle, I cannot help but want to prevent the downfall of their hopes, dreams and desires that caused them to start that business in the first place.